Breakneck Gear is a family owned and ran business in Sunny, HOT, Exciting Las Vegas, Nevada. The two owners Franklin Urbani and the wonderfully talented and unbelievably attractive Mike Halvorson are excited to make Breakneck Gear a staple in the uniform services industry. I know what your thinking why another uniform supplier, WELL that is all Frank's fault. Not really a fault, more of a result of Frank's push to be in the uniform business. Since a small boy Frankles has been a fabric enthusiast, loves the feel of a good poly/cottom blend. He grew up with a strange attachment to good production of soft goods and a real love for a great cover stitch. 

       Fast forward 108 years, yes! that's right Franklin is 112 years old. ANYWHO. Frank has been involved in the production of uniforms and athletic gear for the last ten years, also being a very accomplished graphics artist. Frank's vision was and still is to put everyone in one of his jerseys, but since his jerseys are so large we needed to make other sizes. SO we started Breakneck Gear.

        Mike is a different individual, he has been a male model, a male hand model, well most types of male model. He has been in the gaming business for over 20 years, yes that's right Mike is only 27 years old, accomplishing so much at a young age is tiring, BUT he makes it work. A former pro wrestler and 12th degree jeet kon do black belt, Mike has lived life! NOW ready to put everyone in a Breakneck Gear uniform in 2020.

        Ladies! please calm down, Mike and Frank are married with children.