He has been called one of the most under appreciated wrestling legends in modern times. He has been called stupid, gross and obscene, all of which are true. Now you can say everything he says just by wearing is his custom dye sublimation shirt, SLEEVES! no one needs ems so we left them off.

The material is 90% Polyester 10% Spandex. Very breathable and comfortable mositure wicking material. 


  • Our current sizing only goes to 3X if you need a larger size please contact us directly at sales@breakneckgear.com

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Hours: 8-6 M-F

Face masks Neck gaitors Custom Sports Jerseys Made in the USA

We do not have a retail area our shop is for production

BUT we have been known to allow pickups. Just e-mail us for questions.

All Pro Wrestling gear has been made with the express consent by the characters represented. 

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